Your Councillors

Please Note: We currently do not have any councillor vacancies.
Paul Senior

Cllr. Paul SeniorMayor, Councillor

I joined the council in 2011, with the intention having a positive influence within our community. Broughton is a great place to live and work, keeping Broughton great but at the same time looking for ways to improve things is my driving aim.

In May 2018 and again in May 2023, it was an honour to be elected Mayor, this has given me new energy and drive to see Broughton improved even further, and I looking forward to working with some of the groups within Broughton to make this happen. 763713

Louise  Price

Cllr. Louise PriceDeputy Mayor, Councillor

I have lived in Broughton all of my life. I live with my husband, two teenage children and my pets. Since 1992, I have been a voluntary Leader with the Girl Guides in the town. In the mid 1990s, I was elected to the Council and over the years I have served on many sub-committees and Governing Bodies and I have represented the Council at many events. I am also a member of Broughton WI, involved with the Scout Association locally and I am keen Wombler. In 2018, it was an honour to be elected as Deputy Mayor and then in 2021, to be elected as Mayor. I am passionate about our local community and the lovely Parish we live in and I am so proud of Broughton’s Community spirit.

Keith Portess

Cllr. Keith PortessCouncillor

I joined the council in 2009, my aim was to help make Broughton a better place to live, was elected to be mayor in 2011, re-elected in 2012. Same year became Chairman of our Village hall. Was instrumental in finding a site for the new Broughton community Library, which I opened with Andrew Percy in 2012, also one of the first library volunteers which I still do. Was re-elected as Mayor again in 2015 which as been an honour and privilege to perform.

Neil Simpson

Cllr. Neil SimpsonCouncillor

I live in Broughton with my wife and three children and I have done so my entire life.

My main interests and hobbies revolve around our local cricket and football clubs, local history, and the history of our local cricket and football clubs. My uncle was town clerk from 1992-2000 so I always had a general interest in the town. Both he and my dad lead me into a world of helping to run our local cricket club, a role they were well known locally for and that I have continued with after their passing.

I joined the council in 2017 with a general view that we are a town of over 5000 people, and we should offer facilities and opportunities that reflect that status. I also hold a view that voluntary groups are the heartbeat of the community and it’s our responsibility as councillors to use our positions to facilitate them where possible. That will be the mantra I follow throughout my time on the council. 890909

Julie Taylor

Cllr. Julie TaylorCouncillor

I have a long family history with Broughton and have lived with my family on the Waters Edge part of the parish for many years. I am a member of the BCSA and also volunteer extensively in the community with various projects.

Broughton is a great place to live with a fantastic community spirit and as an active local resident I hope to be more involved in the future with the local Community groups to ensure Broughton continues to be a great place to live for all

Janet Lee

Cllr. Janet LeeCouncillor, Ward Councillor

I was married at St Mary’s Church, Broughton 41 years ago and have lived in Castlethorpe part of Broughton parish since then. I joined the council in 2021, and I am a member of the Village Hall Committee. Broughton is a great place to live and be involved with the community and promote all the opportunities that Broughton has to offer for young and old alike.

Carol Ross

Cllr. Carol RossCouncillor, Ward Councillor

I have been a resident of Broughton since meeting my husband Peter over 25 years ago.

I was employed by Humberside County Council and then North Lincolnshire Council eventually become a Senior Engineer (Highways) before having to take early retirement in 1999 due to injury and ill health.

I was the founder (with help and support of a committee) of the Brigg Senior Citizens Pop-In Centre (now located in Cary Lane)

I am a member of the Village Hall Committee and about to become secretary elect and hope to have and keep a keen active interest in all my Town Council work.

Vee Harness

Cllr. Vee HarnessCouncillor

I have lived in Broughton with my husband for the last six years and think Broughton is a great place to live with a strong community spirit. For much of the last 20 years, voluntary work has played a big part of my life.

Suzanne Carter

Cllr. Suzanne CarterCouncillor

Since 1986 I have lived in Broughton.

It is and always has been a pleasure to be active in the community.

I am passionate about conservation and charity work